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Kamloops Slip and Fall Injury

Slip and Fall Cases Pose Special Challenges

Slip and fall cases can be difficult. When pursuing a slip and fall injury claim, you have to show that the person in control of the area where you fell is at fault. If you have not tied your shoe laces and this causes you to trip and fall, the person in charge of the premises is not at fault and you will not have a claim. Conversely, if a grocery store is aware of water on the floor and does not clean it up, and you slip and fall, you should be able to show fault. Each case is fact specific. Slip and fall cases often depend upon a proper investigation of the facts. Not only is it important that your injury lawyer understand the law governing slip and fall cases, but a proper investigation needs to be done. At the MacIsaac Group, because we have a former police officer on staff to do our investigations, we have an advantage in ensuring that a proper investigation is done.

Watch Out for Short Time Limits

If you have fallen on municipal property (property owned by a city, town, village, hamlet, etc.) in British Columbia there is a two month limitation period. This means that unless you give the municipality clear notice of your claim within two months of your slip and fall, you most likely will not be able to pursue your slip and fall claim. We recommend that you contact an injury lawyer as soon as you are injured to find out about specific limitation periods that apply to your claim. As explained on our Worried About Legal Fees page, putting off hiring a lawyer can hurt your injury claim.

The MacIsaac Group Injury Lawyers have Extensive Experience in Slip and Fall Claims

Our personal injury lawyers have over 100 years of combined experience pursuing personal injury claims, including slip and fall claims. They know the law and have the experience needed to pursue these difficult claims. They also have the advantage of having an investigator on staff to ensure that they can present the best case possible. They are proud of the positive difference they have made for their slip and fall clients. To learn more about our injury lawyer team click here.

The Occupiers Liability Act and the Negligence Act

In British Columbia most slip and fall cases will be governed by the Occupiers Liability Act and the Negligence Act. In addition to these statutes, there is a body of case law interpreting these statutes, and most importantly, setting the amount of damages that should be awarded for various types of injuries. It is essential for your injury lawyer to have a full understanding of the complexities of the law surrounding your slip and fall claim.